Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Indwelling Holy Spirit

Alan Watts
“Catholic doctrine has always maintained that true prayer is not simply man relating himself to God, but rather something which God is performing in and through man. Prayer has its origin, not in the soul, but in the indwelling Holy Spirit, and thus prayer is man’s participation in the interior life of the Holy Trinity – even in its most stumbling and rudimentary form.”
The Supreme Identity

[St. Romauld writes: “Empty yourself. Simply sit, content with the Grace of God”. The secret is not in just the silence, as it is experienced by the 'sitter'. Here is where something can be said about the importance of will and intention in prayer. We cannot bring God to us through our will; that is what these authors are saying. But in 'sitting, content with God's will' there is a subtle movement of the will, the intention to put ourselves before God. Faith (not belief) makes the difference between effort-full striving and the offering of self, in faith.]

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