Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Harm of Judging Others

Bernadette Roberts

It goes without saying that, when speaking of judgment I do not mean that which is reserved for God alone; rather, I speak of judgment as the glasses through which we see everything, size up people by our standards, for, be these good, bad or indifferent, they are judgments none the less. 

The continuous expectation (or judgment) of how things should be, according to our point of view, is a failure to see things as they are, see them as they exist outside ourselves. This type of expectation is a failure to accept others where they are in any given moment, and thereby ignores the reality of change and growth in others - as well as in ourselves. Too often our first meeting with another is our last because, for better or worse, we hold on to the initial image and admit of no change. This image making is a judgment itself.

The Path to No-Self, pages 160-161

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  1. The few times I have been able to look without judgement on things have been the most poignant of my life. And, I wonder where this judgment comes from and why it persists.


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