Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Can the Mind End Self?

Bernadette Roberts

Whether or not there honestly exists certain techniques of mind-manipulation that can bypass the need for divine intervention, or the need to wait upon God, is something I do not know. Nor can I imagine how anyone can put a permanent, irrevocable end to the reflexive movement of the mind without running into certain psychological dangers. The danger would lie in not knowing how to proceed once this mechanism had been overcome or closed down. 

Without some compensating or sustaining factor arriving on the scene, the state of no-self is no guarantee of ecstasy or bliss, because once the relatively peaceful effects have worn off, no-self can become – as I discovered in the Passageway* – a very burdensome, if not dire state of affairs.

The Experience of No-Self
 1982 Edition, pg 147

(*See Chapter 4)

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