Friday, August 21, 2020

Fire Season, Again

On fire here, again. Burning 20 minutes from my home and uncontrolled, and uncontrollable, according to our Fire Chief, because they have no one to fight it. All they are doing is moving people out of its path and hoping for fog or rain, which is not forecast. Terrifying. 

The air goes from grayish yellow to orange. It is filled with tiny bits of people's homes and memories, and the lungs hurt when it is drawn in. I slept all night but find it hard to keep my eyes open this morning. Stress reaction. I'm not sure how much danger I am in, no one is until the call comes to evacuate. 

I tried saying my Rosary this morning, and got through one decade, but kept falling asleep. I imagine the lines to Mary are jammed this morning. Fortunately I know that, while the Rosary may be my line to her, it is not her line to me.

These are the worst times to be alone in your house.  The mind with all its worries tries to take over. So I decided to write to you instead. 

Please pray with me for the firefighters and the devastated people whose homes are gone or whose homes are next. And please, pray for a surprising rain or fog. And remember, as I've said before, that ours is not a God that saves us from things, ours is a God who goes through things with us. I'll end with words that Joe Biden quoted from Søren Kierkegard last night, "Faith sees best in the dark". 



  1. Patricia, Prayers are with you! May you find safety and solace through this situation.

  2. Patricia, I was afraid I would receive a message like this from you. Every time I think about fires I recall our correspondence during the last devastating fires. My heart is with you. Such times are a test of faith for those in peril and, in a lesser but real way, for those who care about them as so many do about you. Bless you, prayerfully, Peter


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