Zen Ox-Herding Pictures

Christian Commentary on the Ten Ox Herding Pictures
By Bernadette Roberts
Self-Published booklet, 21 pages

This booklet is a Christian commentary on the Ten Ox Herding Pictures, written at the request of Jeff Shore, a Buddhist friend of Bernadette's. The Commentary is also included in Essays on the Christian Contemplative Journey, (available on her blog site (Bernadette Roberts).

The cost is $10 in the US and $15 outside the US. The price was recently raised to account for the increased cost of postage.

To Pay with PayPal, enter pmasters1140@gmail.com into the Send Money field. PayPal will notify me, and then the booklet will be mailed to you. If you would prefer, you can mail a check to Pat Masters, 1101 Prospect Avenue #40, Santa Rosa, CA. In either case be sure I have your mailing address.