Change to Delivery, 2022

 I recently began to have trouble using MailChimp, the service that sends out the emails to those of you who are subscribed by email. Probably you may have noticed that the quotations either come a day late, or don't come at all. After spending a good amount of time trying to figure out what the problem is, I made a decision to stop sending out the quotes by email as of 7/22/2022.  I have been wanting to do this anyway, for quite a while. I will send out one more week of quotes but then as of next weekend, July 23-24, they will no longer be coming to your inbox. If you are interested in continuing to read the quotes 6 or sometimes 7 days a week, they will still be available for you at my blog site: ( 

The cost of Mailchimp has risen repeatedly but that is not the reason for this change. I want to make things simpler all together, while still offering what I can to your, and also my own spiritual journey. Perhaps this will not be a happy message for some, and I regret any disappointment or inconvenience this change may cause. However it is very easy to simply bookmark the link to the site and go to the site any day that you need a little inspiration, encouragement or humor. Thank you for your understanding. 

Your friend on the Path,


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  1. Dear Patricia and All

    I really appreciated and treasured the daily pointers to a different real in my inbox. When you switched delivery, I found that by subscribing to the "Posts (Atom)" which is at the bottom of every blog page works really well.

    For whoever is interested, I use a free site called Feedrabbit ( now and it send me the daybook posts when they are published. Not quite as pretty as in the mailchimp days, but good enough.



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