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Quotations in Support of the Contemplative Life

"What we have seen and heard we are telling you so that you too may be in union with the Father and with Christ. We are writing this to you to make our own joy complete." I John 1:3-4

Some of you may know of me or recognize my name as the volunteer who managed the Bernadette Roberts' blog site (www.bernadetteroberts.blogspot.com). I was responsible for mailing out books and other media ordered through Bernadette's blog and sending out information on her retreats. However the Day Book blog is strictly my own and though quotes by Bernadette will regularly appear here - how could they not? - this blog is not in any other way connected to her or her writing.

(If you wish to contact me directly email me at pmasters1140@gmail.) 

For many years I kept a quotation journal in the form of a day book of quotes which I found to be helpful and inspiring for my spiritual journey.  Many of the entries are guidance or advice, or sometimes just comments made by people I had the good fortune to speak with or listen to. Some are from various, sometimes hard-to-find books that I have read, books which speak directly to the person who has only one true desire in life - to know the Truth - or God, or whatever name we call the Ultimate Reality. The quotes are, I hope, in service of the true focus of the contemplative, that is, away from self and toward God.

At the age of 71 I feel the importance and a certain urgency to share what I have so generously been given. I am posting the day book entries in the same day-by-day fashion in which they appear in my little journal. This collection has been of such importance to me that, once in a discussion with neighbors about a possible earthquake or other disaster and what we would be sure to try to save should that arise - this little book of quotes came immediately to mind! Thus I want to offer to others what has been most helpful to me and with it, a wish that all who read these quotations will find that God sends us what we need, when we need it.


  1. thank you for doing this, Patricia

  2. Congratulations on your work. The world is in great need of spiritual light. May you be blessed.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us, Patricia!

  4. Pat,
    Thank you for the generous sharing that has become my friend and companion as well.
    What a great picture....
    God Bless, Susan

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  6. Dear Pat, what a beautiful picture of you. I am very thankful for this precious blogspot - especially for Bernadette's quotes. Your friend in Christ Eternal, Benoît-M.

  7. Thanks for being an encouragement on my journey.

  8. One rainy day last month to my delight I discovered your blog. It is very
    inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Patricia:
    Just an update concerning your Blog. I've received your daily thoughts for many months now, and look forward to 8 AM for the your daily mail delivery. On Monday I received your latest with a note about some technoglitch. The message was in the usual format and there was a the beautiful quote by Eve Baker. I am responding to let you know that it was received intact and as usual, including the notes about the technoglitch. Gratefully yours, Paul

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  11. Friends of Patricia's Blog: I do hope you read Patricia's book, "Looks Like Lost." One of the best books I've read on life with God. It is a profound and richly instructive testimony to God's grace, told in a most personal and honest way. The truths in this book are breath-taking. It made me love God more, and understand the path ahead better. Thanks so much, Pat!!!
    Joe Conti, Ph.D.
    Religious Studies Department
    California State University, at Long Beach

  12. Patricia et al. I cherish getting my daily email. Patricia your choices are always well received. What I miss is interaction. Is there any mechanism here or elsewhere where I can ask questions, interact and engage. Like today. The message was Build an Altar. I was inspired but would love to interact on the topic....so many questions....thanks to anyone with any help


  13. Patricia, what happened to the quote from Rev Master Jiyu-Kennet?
    I know I read it here and now it's gone. Please help.