Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Posture of Prayer

Fr. Vladmir Koudelka

“I lie stretched out on the floor and try to wish for nothing, to ask for nothing. I contemplate my helplessness and my vulnerability, but also the infinite and silent now of God, to whom I make myself over. Or I try, in the spirit of the old liturgical clamor (the loud crying out) to place before my eyes the concrete distress of the Church, the world, the abused environment of my fellow man, and my own neediness as well, and to shout this need out loud. 

"I bring all things – my fellow man, events, and myself – into relationship with God in boundless trust, without wishing for my own solutions. My gaze is not set on gifts requested, but directed toward the prayer itself, so that I may enter into the plans of God.”

Dominicana: Journal of the Dominican Students of the St. Joseph Province