Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Useless Person

Eve Baker

"The solitary is first of all a useless person. This in itself is remarkable in a society where everyone is rated by their occupation or activity. The call of the solitary is not to be anything, to have any sort of public persona or mask. It is rather to be totally available to God, to live a hidden life of solitude. It is a call to share in the profound solitude of God, in the depths of the mystery of God’s being.”

The Path of the Solitary, page 91

[Fenelon wrote in one of his books that we must accept to be useless, if it is God's will. I find this a very fiery practice. I'm still identified with my own 'doing' and have to struggle with the idea of "being a useless person", even knowing or at least certainly believing, that is a call to accept God's will.]