Friday, July 31, 2020

The Faces of Old Monks and Nuns

Robert Cardinal Sarah

It may be enough to look with simplicity and admiration at the faces of old monks, lined and burned by God's silence, in order to approach such a beautiful mystery. The monks are humanly damaged, banished by the children of the world, and yet spiritually irradiated, marked by the beauty of Christ.

Mother Teresa had a face charred by God's silences, but she bore within her and breathed love. By dint of remaining long hours before the burning flame of the Blessed Sacrament, her face was tanned, transformed by the daily face-to-face encounter with the Lord.

The asceticism of Silence does not depend on human factors; it is divine. The Silence of God is an illumination, simple and sublime, little and grandiose.

The Power of Silence

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