Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Living in the 'Now-Moment'

Bernadette Roberts

By the time the journey is over, the only possible way of living is in the now-moment, wherein the mind moves neither backward nor forward but remains fixed and fully concentrated in the present. Because of this, the mind is so open and clear that no preconceived notions can get a foothold; no idea can be carried over from one moment to another; much less, could any notion demand conformity from others. There are no more head trips -- no clinging to a frame of reference, even if it is only the reference of tomorrow's expectations. 

In a word, what is to be done or thought is always underfoot, with no need to step aside in order to find out what is to be thought, believed, or enacted.

The Experience of No-Self, 1982 Edition, pg 157

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