Saturday, November 5, 2016

Advice for the Contemplative

St. John of the Cross
“Live in the world as if you lived there all by yourself with God. Don’t look for anything. Don’t get involved in all the comings and goings. Don’t have great expectations. Just do what is required of you and say your prayers.”

The Complete Works of St. John of the Cross: Points of Love, Translator Allison Peers

(The first line of this quote is my favorite. The whole thing is excellent advice for contemplative living and it reminds me of meditation instruction.  "Don’t look for anything. Don't get involved in all the comings and goings"... of the mind. Stay mindfully with the present moment ("Just do what is required of you"). As for "...and say your prayers", this is a turning to our True Help, that which is beyond our own efforts. It is also helpful advice for living through the current craziness. PM)

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  1. Oh how perfectly timely to hear! This one will get posted where I can see it first thing before rising and last thing before going to bed! It is the way to live and be in the Peace of God. Everything falls into a natural rhythm this way. Thank you Patricia.


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