Thursday, December 22, 2016

Too Good to be True

Father Ronald Rolheiser

"The mystery of the incarnation is extensive. It is not just that the institutional church is to carry-on, carry forth, and carry the mystery of God in human flesh. All love that is in grace is the Word made flesh. To touch is to be touched by Christ; to touch with it is to touch with Christ because it is the on-going Incarnation. From Augustine through Pius the 12th, we are told that this is wild doctrine, something beyond our limited imaginations and measured hopes. … 

"Part of the difficulty in believing in the Incarnation is precisely the fact that it is too good to be true: God is not hidden and hard to contact; forgiveness, grace, and salvation are not the prerogative of the lucky and the few; we don't have to save ourselves; we don't have to get our lives perfectly in order to be saved; we don't have to make amends for sins; human flesh and this world are not obstacles, but part of the vehicle to heaven; we can help each other on the journey; love, indeed even human love, is stronger than death..."

This Holy Longing

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