Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bear the Burden

Bishop Robert Barron

“At the core of Jesus' program is a willingness to bear other people's burdens, to help them carry their loads. And this applies to the moral life as well. If we lay the burden of God's law on people, we must be willing, at the same time, to help them bear it. Another classic problem with religious people and especially religious leaders: they use the law and morality as a means of inflating the ego. The trouble is that this drug wears off rather quickly, and then we want more of it. We need a greater title, more respect, more recognition.

“What is Jesus' recommendation for those caught in this dilemma? To be great is to be a servant: lowly, simple, often forgotten. Eschew marks of respect; don't seek them. Be satisfied with doing your work on behalf of God's kingdom, whatever it is.”

Bishop Robert Barron - Lenten Thoughts

(Want to turn up the ‘heat’ during Lent? Try this. Allow yourself to be disregarded, or allow others to misunderstand you or your intentions, and don’t defend or explain.)

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