Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Into Your Hands, Lord...

Fr. Jean LaFrance

“Then too, the night’s sleep reveals a profound truth of your spiritual life*. All through the day, you direct your own life, making free decisions and exerting your power. Now, at the threshold of night, you must give up and let yourself be overcome by this powerful impulse of sleep, that you cannot command but only welcome. It is the image of your spiritual life which above all means to be submissive in the hands of God. There, too, you must submit and let God love you without wanting to direct things.

“This is why your sleep should be part of the way you conduct your life; make it part of your inner life. When you pray, you do nothing except make yourself open and available to God’s plan which will transform you without your knowing it.… So, when you sleep, put yourself completely into the hands of God: ‘Into your hands, Lord, I commit my spirit’. If you pray to him, he will send his Holy Spirit and your night’s rest will be turned into prayer.” 

Pray to Your Father in Secret, pages 165-166

(*Emphasis, mine. These two paragraphs are most profound and worthy of deep consideration.)

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