Sunday, June 11, 2017

Holy Trinity Sunday

Bernadette Roberts

"So as long as the Trinity remains experientially aloof from man’s immediate experience of God, it remains a mere believe with no intrinsic meaning for man’s spiritual journey. Unless man first knows the Trinity (God), he cannot even begin to ponder the mystery and true meaning of “Christ”. In fact, man had best know the Trinity like the back of his hand before he even thinks of Christ, for this is just how strategic is the Trinity to ever being able to have a true understanding of Christ. ...

 "Let us briefly go over God’s triune revelations to man. 1) God omnipresent throughout creation. 2) God immanent in man. 3) God utterly transcendent to man and creation. Every revelation, and consequently every religion, falls into one or more of these three discrete revelations."

The Real Christ, Chapter: Introduction to the Trinity

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