Thursday, June 1, 2017

Obedience to God's Will

Meister Eckhart

“And therefore, in the best prayer a man can pray it should not be 'give me this virtue or that habit,' or even 'Lord, give me Yourself,' or 'eternal life,' but 'Lord, give only what You will, and do, 0 Lord, whatever and however You will in every way.' 

“This prayer surpasses the former as heaven does the earth. And when such a prayer is uttered one has prayed well, having gone right out of self into God in true obedience. And as true obedience should have no 'I want this,' so too one should never hear from it 'I don't want,' for 'I don't want' is an absolute bane of all obedience.”

Talks of Instruction, translator: O.C. Walsh (pdf)

[As Mother Teresa put it, 'Lord, we take what you give and we give what you take'.]

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