Friday, July 28, 2017

Putting on God Like a Poultice

Brother Anselm Gruen

“She had hoped that meditation would free her from her sensitivity… She wanted to use God for herself, to get over her depression by taking the path to God. But she discovered that this was the wrong way and that she would find her way to God by the path of sorrow.”

Heaven Begins Now

[Through meditation you might forget the self. But the self will not forget you. However, God is committed to us, and so there is a way out.]


  1. Speaks volumes for me. I am not so sure though my sadness will be my way to God considering I have gone the Eastern Ways of Buddhism and Hindu mantras and such. I am on the track, now. Thanks

    1. In Buddhism, too, they say "A great difficulty is a great gate". Each person must identify the 'gates' for themselves. Peace with you.

  2. I've talked with several friends lately who are striving to turn over their lives and wills (their selves) to God. Their earnest striving seems to get in the way of finding God. Not that one should not strive for God but there is value in holding even this sacred striving lightly. Peter

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  4. Patricia, Thanks for the really great posts this week! I am always amazed by what a wonderful start they are to my day!


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