Saturday, August 5, 2017

Don't Pass on the Pain

Dr. Joseph Conti
"A fire leaps through a pine forest, with one tree passing its flame to the next. If you saw one pine that did not pass on the destruction, would you not consider it a wonder? A person who does not pass on the pain of the world when it is handed to him or her is such a wonder."
Holistic Christianity, pgs 200-201

[To "hold your fire" in these highly charged times in our world and country, is certainly not easy. "Venting" can be like breathing hot, poisonous steam into the face of your listener. Here is where the 'will' comes in. When you feel that heat, stand still, feel it clearly and offer it up to God in compassion for your neighbor.]

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  1. An act if violence will only result in more violence. Whatever form the violence takes, be it from a weapon, ranting, sarcasm, venting, making fun of someone else, these are all forms of violence and liek the common cold, violence is highly contagious,


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