Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Invisible Hand of God

Bishop Fenelon

Let me warn you about the desire to always be looking within to see what progress you are making or how strong you are becoming. The hand of God is invisible, and you cannot always see what he is doing, but be assured that he is very efficient in what he does. 

Almost anything God does, though, is done in secrecy, and this is a good thing. I don’t think we would ever die to self if God was always showing us what he is doing within. If we really understood God’s sanctifying work and the spiritual graces he is bestowing upon us, we might become very proud. But this is not God’s way. Instead of letting us know what he is doing, God works in darkness, and through privation, nakedness, and death.…

Let Go


  1. "privation" maybe? Last line. Dont imagine Bishop F. getting into politics.

  2. Oh my. You are so right. I apologize for not double checking the quote. Usually each night before bed, I go to the site and read it through. Must have missed it or been very sleepy. I appreciate the correction.


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