Saturday, October 22, 2016

To Know the Trinity

Bernadette Roberts

“As the experiential core of man’s spiritual life, it is not possible to recognize or know the Trinity on any other than an experiential basis. God’s immediate revelations can never be recognized on any doctrinal terms or by theological definitions, nor can the Trinity be known by mere hearing or reading – ‘hearsay’. This is why, without some immediate encounter, the Trinity is but a doctrine given little more than lip-service that plays no part in man’s spiritual life.

“So as long as the Trinity remains experientially aloof from man’s immediate experience of God, it remains a mere belief with no intrinsic meaning for man’s spiritual journey. Unless man first knows the Trinity (God), he cannot even begin to ponder the mystery and true meaning of ‘Christ’. In fact, man had best know the Trinity like the back of his hand before he even thinks of Christ, for this is just how strategic is the Trinity to ever being able to have a true understanding of Christ.” 

The Real Christ, chapter: Preface to the Trinity

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