Monday, December 26, 2016

God's 'I Am'

Father Anselm Moynihan 
“Lo! You were somebody all of a sudden.” 
That is a line from a poem called Magnificat. It was written by the famous poet Paul Claudel. Suddenly, like a flash of light, he was filled with a powerful awareness of God. All at once, Claudel realized that God was truly alive and present to him. And in his surprise and happiness he cried to God in his heart: “Lo! You are somebody all of a sudden!” From that moment, Claudel’s whole life was changed. God had become Somebody real and present to him, lovingly present. From then on this revelation of God's presence filled his mind and his heart and his poetry. Not all of us receive a flash of light like that. Not all of us realize in one bright moment that God is real and present to us. But God is always offering us that Grace. He is always revealing his presence.

No matter which way it comes, this awareness of God is a precious gift. And God is forever offering it to us. He does want us to know him and to love him and to serve him and enjoy him. He does want us to be united with him. And so, first of all, we must be aware of God. We must realize that God is indeed Somebody.

The Lord is Within You: A Book on the Presence of God

(From Patricia: When Moses asked God's name, God answered “I am”. God’s “I am” says“I am real; I am present." I would not use the word Somebody, but I understood what the author was saying. A true touch of God leaves the absolute knowing that God is real and present, God Is 

I found this quote in Magnificat. Thinking I’d like to read the book I looked for it on Amazon and on various 2nd hand book websites. The cheapest used copy is $500!!)

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