Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The "Knowing" Beyond Mind

Bernadette Roberts

“There is in every human being a “knowing” that ever remains pre-intellectual and pre-conscious. The mind has no access to this knowing. It can never be grasped by the intellect as a piece of knowledge. We do not even know how we know this “knowing” exists. Though this “knowing” is ever present, it is not a feeling or experiential “presence” of any kind. It has no aura of the mystical or supernatural. This knowing is simply “there”, yet nowhere in particular. To say it is “in our very bones”, is an apt metaphor for its inherent nature. Though speaking of this knowing makes it a piece of knowledge, it can never be that.”

Essays on the Christian Contemplative Journey, page 11
Chapter: "The Spiritual Journey Recapitulates the History of Religion"
(quotation continued tomorrow)


  1. I like the idea that this is the knowing of the heart.

  2. I like the idea too, but I doubt that is what Bernadette meant.


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