Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The New Commandments, in Order

Bernadette Roberts

“We go deeper when we strive to follow Christ by living his first commandment – love God above all things, above all people, above nature and, above all, love God above ourselves. Unfortunately many people settle for the second commandment – love your neighbor as yourself – which in and of itself goes round in circles and has no need of God at all. Self-love is incapable of true love of neighbor; it may even be bad for him. Furthermore, self-love can never reach Christ’s ultimate challenge of loving our enemies or those who do bad things to us. We cannot begin to understand the second commandment until we have come to the unitive state and thereby mastered the first commandment. ...

“If we could really do this – love God above all things, people and self – we would come rather quickly to a deeper dimension of Christ, which is our identification with him in the unitive state of oneness with God.”

What Is Self?, pg 133

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