Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Grounded in the Knowledge of our Weakness

Bernadette Roberts
Keep in mind, it is indicative of Christian mysticism that before we come to the unitive state we must be absolutely grounded, and for the rest of our lives, in the knowledge of our own nothingness, helplessness, weakness and even sinfulness. This is the toughest part. The idea of getting to the unitive state without this is just wishful thinking, a total error. 
When we really get to the bottom of our own nothingness we discover the truth of St. Paul’s saying, “In my weakness is my strength” (Faith, which is God), and also, “I will glory in my infirmities”, because God sustains even our nothingness. Thus where our nothingness comes to an end we finally meet God, only this time we meet God on His Ground, not on our ground.
Copyright 1990

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